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Saturday, May 2, 2020

free seo tools for beginner for on page and off page seo learning guide

Best Free SEO tools of 2020: free and paid Search Engine Optimization software

What is SEO and Why We need SEO?

what is SEO

At Starting of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) developed as an extension to web accessibility by following HTML 5 guidelines, in order to better identify and understand the purpose and content of a document.

This particular meant ensuring that web pages had unique page titles that is properly reflected their content, as well as keyword headings to be better highlight.
The content of individual pages and that other tags were treated the same accordingly.

This was most important, not least because web developers were often only focused on whether their coding worked, rather than the user experience, let alone following web publishing guidelines.

These slowly changed and  it became increasingly known that search engines used these most of "on-page" signals to provide their "Search Engine Results Pages" (SERPs) - and that there was an advantage of ranking higher on the Google top 10 results free and natural organic traffic.

On the internet has evolved a lot since those early days, and major search engines such as Google now process far more "off-page" information.
Google determining their search results, not least by using semantic processing, collating user data and applying neural networks for the machine learning of patterns, trends, and personal preferences.

what is keyword exactly the type of keyword in the search box

Even everyone should know about, the core ideals of SEO remain the same as well as they always have - that of ensuring pages have the correct tags for targeting keywords, not just for natural search results, but also for PPC (Pay Per Click) and other marketing campaigns for a particular target audience, where call-to-action (CTA) and conversion rates are essential indicators of success.

But how can you find a business know which keywords to target on its sales pages? How does a website filter transactional traffic from general site visitors? And how can that business increase its ability to capture targeted traffic from across the internet? Here we list a number of tools that will help do exactly that.

Suggest the Free SEO tool at a beginner level.

If you want to create your blog and doing SEO properly then you know about SEO knowledge like how to create a user-friendly post and add the keyword in the title, heading, and description properly. research your content then write an Article to give the perfect information over there.if you are a beginner then you use free tool for SEO of your blog which is given below:

Type in google and go to this site just login and used this tool as a free but if you boy this you can get more thousand of the result.

These are free tools but some restrictions to follow these but you more you can buy and upgrade. if your blog is running and lots of traffic over there then you choose some paid tool for your blog SEO as advanced level. some tool is giving below:

Some paid Tool giving you better results 

1 Google Search Console

2 SEMrush SEO toolkit

3 SEO spider

4 Majestic SEO Tools

5 Moz Pro

Who better than the search giant Google to improve your SEO?

Ideal for beginners

Easy access to key metrics

Free support

For SEO Google Search Console (GSC) is an excellent way for a newbie webmasters to get started with SEO.

Even if you don,t know and not familiar with SEO, whatever the size of your site or blog, Google's laudable Search Console (formerly Webmaster Central) and the myriad user-friendly tools under its bonnet should be your first port of call.

The suite of tools gives you the advantages of valuable information about your the site at a glance: and It can assess your site's performance and observe potential problems to troubleshoot (like negative spammy links), help you ensure your site is Google-friendly and monitor Google's indexing of your site.

If You can even report spam and request reconsideration if your site has incurred a penalty. Plus, if you do not sent and refer to their Webmaster Guidelines now and again, well, you've only yourself to blame if you go wrong. Google Search Console is constantly updated, and new features are on the way, such as a new URL inspection tool for best practice.


Help is available via the Webmasters Help Community, a place for webmasters to connect and share troubleshooting and performance tips.
Advanced SEO tools, all accessible from a masterful dashboard

Analyze competitors' metrics

Informative robust dashboard

Uses some complicated terminology

SEMrush SEO toolkit for SEO was originally developed in 2008 by SEMrush. In the year 2018, the project was received funding of $40 million for expansion.

The keyword research tool is accessible from SEMrush's super multifunctional and elaborate dashboard. You can view your research reports detailed keyword analysis reports as well as a summary of any domains you manage.

More crucially, the SEO toolkit permits you to compare the performance of your pages to see how you rank against the competition website on any platform search engine. For instance, you can analyze very easily as backlinks from other websites to yours. (this process is sometimes as 'link building').

Traffic analytics helps you to identify your competitors' principle sources of website traffic, such as the top referring sites. This enables you to deep search to the fine details of your site how both your and your competitors' sites measure up in terms of average session duration and bounce rates. 
Additionally, "Traffic Sources Comparison" gives you an idea and overview of digital marketing channels for a bunch of rivals at once. For those new to SEO  'bounce rates' is the percentage of visitors who visit the website then leave without accessing any other pages on the same site.

The domain's most important overview does much more than provide a summation of your competitors' SEO strategies. You can also detect specific keywords for ranking higher for which one keyword they've targeted as well as access the relative performance of your domains on both desktop and mobile devices.

A 14-day free trial is available for Techradar readers to try out the service.
SEO Spider is also an effective web crawler but the free version is slightly limited features

Used by industry leaders for research on SEO

Excellent crawling features

Limited free version

How Can Google Find You Across The Worlds?

What is SEO Spider 

SEO Spider was originally created in the year of 2010 by the euphemistically named "Screaming Frog". This is the best rowdy reptile's clients include major players like Disney, Shazam, and Dell.

One of the most attractive features of SEO Spider is that it is only able to perform a quick search of URLs, as well as crawl your site to check for broken pages and give accurate results. This saves time and gives you the trouble of manually clicking each link to rule out '404 errors'. 

This tool also permits you to track and check for pages with missing title tags duplicated the meta tags, tags of the wrong length, as well as check the number of links placed on each SEO friendly page

There is both available free and paid version of SEO Spider. The free version contains the most basic and low features such as crawling redirects but this is limited to 500 URLs which is very less.

This makes  'Lite' version of SEO Spider suitable only for short and smaller domains. The paid version $180 per year and includes more advanced features as well as free tech support.


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