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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

how to download fortnite game for android tips and strategies for play Fortnite

Epic Games How to play Fortnite game Chapter 2: Tips and strategies for new players

How to download fortnite for android

It is right to inform you Epic Games, the creator and publisher of Fortnite, isn't exactly a huge fan of Google Play, but today, April 21, it announced that Fortnite would now be available to download and play on the Google Play Store. You know that what is that means: Brand new Fortnite players. If you're one of them and you're looking for tips on how to get started, this is a good place to start.


Where to download Fortnite

This is very popular after PubG Fortnite is a free-to-play games, meaning all someone has to do is download it to play. As mentioned above, this game is now available on Google Play.
But Epic has to be decided to released Fortnite on nearly every available platform. PC and Mac both users can download the installer at the Fortnite website. 

Every platform like Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One owners can download the game via each console's respective game store. Android users can download the game from the Google Play Store or Epic's website, while iOS users can grab the game from the Apple App Store.

On some platforms, players will need to have an Epic account to play, which can be acquired via the company's website.

fortnite for android device download

Though the game is free, there's stuff in it that has a price. V-Bucks are the in-game currency used to buy outfits, also known as skins, along with dances, gliders and other cosmetics. Every 100 V-Bucks is approximately $1 in real money.

There's also a Battle Pass available each season. The pass costs 950 V-Bucks, or $9.50, and unlocks in-game content as you play and accomplish certain goals, known as challenges, over the course of the 10-week season.

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best new gadgets improve your way of learning-teaching technique

Meme Generator Rules of the game 

Before your first match, let's go over how the game works. Fortnite is very popular in today generation, as well as games like PUBG and Apex Legends. This name is battle royale game because it shares the same basic idea as the Japanese manga and movie "Battle Royale": everyone fights until only one person is left standing. 

In the fortnite game each Fortnite battle royale match has 100 competitors who are either playing solo, with a partner (known as duos) or as part of a four-person squad.

Everyone has 100 health points that can be replenished with healing items found on the island. You can acquire 100 points in shields via potions and other consumables. 

Players who hit zero health points are eliminated, and the person or team that survives until the end of the match wins the Victory Royale.

Ready to drop After selecting a character and mode -- singles, duos or teams -- players start each match at Spawn Island while Epic's system puts together 100 combatants.

On this island, you can run around, do some dancing, harvest some items or just wait around, but whatever you do or gather here won't carry over into the match. When ready, all players are transported to the Battle Bus, a flying blue school bus that carries players to the island where actual gameplay happens. 

The Battle Bus takes a different path across the island at the start of every match. You can decide when to jump off, or you'll be forced off once the bus has completed its trip across the map. After a short period of skydiving, everyone lands on the island. Once you're on the ground you'll need to acquire weapons, items and materials to outlast the other competitors. 

Other players aren't the only thing to worry about. After five minutes, a storm begins to close in on the island. Those caught in the storm will be dealt damage each second. As the match goes on, the storm circle shrinks and deals more damage, making it important to avoid it as much as possible. 

If you're eliminated, you can watch the rest of the match or head back to the lobby to start another game. If you outlast everyone else, you win the Victory Royale. 

Epic Games Learning how to play


There are three control schemes available in Fortnite: video game controllers, touch controls on mobile devices, and mouse and keyboard.

Of the three schemes, mouse and keyboard is generally considered the best option because a mouse offers better accuracy when shooting. There's also the option to use keybinds, which let you customize the function of a button on the keyboard or mouse. 

For example, the default key to shoot is the left mouse button, but some players change that button to build a wall instead. Spending time figuring out the ideal keybinds can save precious time during a match.

As a third-person perspective shooting game, which means you're viewing your avatar on screen rather than in first-person, the controls are on par with many other shooters. One hand is used to move the character, while the other aims.

With a weapon equipped, it's best to aim down the sights (the button for this varies on each platform) before firing, to make the shot more accurate. Grenades and other throwable weapons will change the display on the screen from a firing reticle to a throwing arc, showing where your weapon will land. 

If you've seen the difference between the played any modern shooter, these controls will feel familiar. However, it's the next section that really makes Fortnite different from all other games like pubg and other games. 
Epic Games Build, baby, build
In a match, players can build structures as a way to defend themselves, reach certain areas or get the upper hand on an opponent. It's as important, if not more important, than being able to shoot accurately. 
Players are equipped with a pickax, or harvesting tool, by default at the start of every match. 

. It does a minimal amount of damage to opponents, but it's important since it lets you acquire materials. Almost everything on the island can be destroyed with a harvesting tool, providing either wood, metal or stone, sometimes called brick. These three materials are used for building, and they range in sturdiness, with wood being the weakest and brick the strongest.
There are four basic structures available to build: walls, floors, stairs and roofs. Each requires 10 of any material to create and will take a few seconds to fully build. Once built, they can be removed entirely or partially via the edit button (more on that further down). Other players can destroy things you've built using various weapons, which is why it's important to decide what material to use. A stone wall will take more damage than a wood wall. 

The most common approach to structures is to build a fort, as suggested by the name of the game. This offers some protection from bullets and can give you a better view of opponents. In most cases, you'll be building to defend yourself. So know your Pro players, on the other hand, can build for both defense and offense. An example of offensive building is building a structure around other players in an attempt to trap them. 

The well known been Building is vital to being a good Fortnite player. Practice regularly until you can do it seamlessly. 

Play tips and strategy for fortnite game

It's fishing time
One of the most interesting addition in Fortnite Chapter 2 is fishing. Yes, in the middle of a match with bullets flying and the storm surging, players can spend their time catching fish and other stuff. 

To start fishing, you'll need a fishing pole. They can be found on the ground, in chests and in barrels located in buildings near the water. It'll take a weapon slot once it's picked up, but don't expect to deal any damage with it. The pole can act as a kind of grappling hook that will attach to weapons, items and even other teammates, and it'll pull them toward you. 

Now with the fighting pole equipped, it's time to fish.  Any body of water on the island has the potential of containing one of three items: a fish, a weapon or just junk. Fish can improve a player's health like a medkit and can be found in groups in the water. Weapons found in the water tend to be common variants making them not worth the effort of finding. And junk, it's junk. 
There is one extremely difficult item available only by fishing. It's called the Mythic Goldfish, but it's not a fish. It's a trophy that acts as a thrown weapon. It does big damage to structures and opponents when it connects. 

Other useful strategies

Now that you know how to play, here are some tips on how to get better. 


•  Learn where to drop -- The island is big and the named locations, also known as points of interest, tend to have more chests that contain weapons, healing items and other equipment. They can be left out in the open or hidden in certain spots. Get familiar with the map and know where you're headed after jumping out of the Battle Bus. You'll want to go to a place where you can find items as quickly as possible. 

•  Know which weapon works best -- There are five primary weapons in Fortnite: pistols, shotguns, SMGs, assault rifles and sniper rifles. Pistols are rarely the ideal weapon for a match, but they're better than nothing. Shotguns deal big damage and can drop opponents in one shot if you're close enough. SMGs fire quickly but lose accuracy the farther away you are. Assault rifles can deal significant damage from a distance and up close. Sniper rifles deal huge damage from a far distance, if you can get a head shot. 

The Well Known fact is Keep on practicing -- Fortnite offers a Playground mode that gives players free rein of the island outside of a traditional match. This is a great way to explore the island and learn how to build without the pressure of being eliminated. 

•  Learn to edit -- Editing is an advanced part of building. You can edit a wall to create an opening for a clear shot of another player, or you can replace a structure quickly before it's destroyed. These are the skills you'll see pro players use.

·  Make the controls yours -- Every platform has a default control scheme, but Epic has several other options for players who want to switch up what buttons to hit. Try them all to see what feels the most comfortable. 

·  Watch the pros -- If you haven't already, go watch some Fortnite pros. Top players from around the globe stream themselves playing the game throughout the day. See where they land, what they do when they land, what weapons they prefer, what they build and how they handle the last pressure-filled minutes of a match. 

·  Listen closely -- Playing with headphones is always a good idea in competitive games, especially with Fortnite. Epic made changes to the sound in the game by adding 3D Audio. This means that in a building, you'll be able to hear other players running around and can gauge how far away they are based on the sound of their footsteps. The sound effect of chests with loot is also more prominent, making them easier to find. 

Monday, April 20, 2020

best new gadgets improve your way of learning-teaching technique

The Gadgets which is extremely time-consuming.

The present time is corona time so stay home and improve your way of learning-teaching technique sharply with the best new gadgets

What is Miko


This is a nice product for children the name of the product is Miko. Miko is a product designed for children to help your child learn conversational techniques while playing.

The product can document and remember certain faces and can even hear and understand your baby's language.
Miko can speak and initiate conversation and even continue with conversations to keep your Bey involved the device can express emotions and look for natural cues from your child to better understand your baby's needs 
This device is packed with teaching abilities to help your child learn the most that he or she can at a young age

scan marker air pen scanner

scan marker air pen scanner

Scan marker air pen scanner is an excellent OCR digital highlighter and reader.
It is designed for use with all major tech platforms as Windows, Mac iOS, and Android.
By using this product you can instantly scan notes to your computer smartphone or tablet. you don't need to type anything just read and scan save your devices and use during a presentation or conference call.

This product gives the functionality of your scanned text into 40 different languages or reads your notes aloud while scanning scanned markers. Patented technology claims to deliver incredibly fast scans and translations.

The marker extremely durable and ergonomic allowing for you effortless scanning. The market can be ordered and delivered worldwide and give a 12-month warranty. If you decide to buy the pen and aren't completely satisfied you can even return it within 30 days no questions asked for a full refund.

The wireless version is available right now for $96 with the wired version being available for just $64.

Why we use Stellina


Stellina is a product unlike any other to reach consumer marketplaces.
Stellina is a newly designed telescope It can capture remarkably clear visuals of nearby stars nebulas and galaxies like never before.

The simplified user interface allows nearly anyone to be able to control the device and locate portions of the incredible outer space.

Stellina for gallexy

That surrounds us the device simply needs to be aimed at the night sky and can then be controlled through a smart device with no need for a full-size computer.
Stellina is truly in a league of its own and is described as being the best consumer telescope on the market.
Right now the price tag certainly reflects that with the base model being available for $3999.
This product will be out of many people's price range though it is certainly a sight to behold.

The Review of the i-phone 11 pro Right of the bet I do

Ember mug


The ember mug 2 is a newly redesigned version of the previous model s known as ember mug. 
The device is a rechargeable coffee mug that can keep your coffee hot for over one and a half hours.
If you elect to leave your mug on the provided recharging station you can keep your beverages warm for the entire day or longer.
If you choose the mug can be paired with your smartphone to allow you to dial in your preferred temperature design customize presets and even receive notifications about your drink.

The ember mug contains sensors within the cup that can detect when to turn off and on without the need for user interface 

If the mug has remained untouched for a preset amount of time it will turn itself off to save power and battery life.
The mug is hand washable and made of stainless steel that should never rust or tarnish over time.
The new model even comes with an extended one-year warranty and a 30-day return policy so that you can return your mug for any reason.

If you are unsatisfied with in the first month of ownership the mug is available now for $99

This is the best product which is available in the market.

If you feel the knowledge of these cool products giving by me is sharable then share your friends and well-wisher. 

Saturday, April 4, 2020

How can google track everything on behalf of my searches if im not signed in ?

How Can Google find You Across the worlds?

google find you across the world on behalf of using or searching anything on the internet.
Predicting your behavior mentality with an absolute accuracy has been Google’s quest for two decades. If they can do that, they can generate endless stream of money from advertisers and anyone else who is willing to pay for exploiting such power.

how i track by google

How much are they able to follow you across the Internet? 

Well, the reality is that Google’s Own surveillance has no limits for tracking you. They track literally every-step and everything you do and everywhere you go. And not just on the Internet,  but in the real word and even in real life.

This how Google and his own team of efforts manages to follow your every step. In China, Google has been secretly developing a covert version of Google search in order to enter the vast Chinese market. At the frequently request of the Chinese government, Google will  also want to link users’ mobile phone numbers to the search terms they’ve used. 

This is to help the government to crackdown on dissidents and activists, and become more efficient overall at censoring the Internet. This was revealed just last month and it may come as a shock to Western audience, that Google would rather choose to be implicit in human rights abuse with the Chinese government, than be principled and lose profit. But Google has been doing this in Western democracies for ages.

What you do and what you want actually.  

Whatever and whenever you search for something in google and anything, Google will create a server log that will remember your browser and OS configuration, IP address and a unique cookie planted on your device by Google. The attached link you click on from and the results is logged and Google will keep a record of the websites you visit from there. remember always that If you don’t delete this cookie, it will expire after 30 years, essentially logging your entire digital presence. From there, it’s trivially easy for Google to link your search history to your phone number.

They either have your number from your phone, or any other Google service you signed up for, like Gmail, YouTube, or Google Play. If they can’t get your number from their services, Google partnered with Facebook, Twitter and other tech platforms to exchange that information with them. If Probably  that doesn’t work, Google turns to its 100,000s of third-party partners and data brokers like Acxiom to buy your phone number from offline databases.

Thanks to Ed Snowden, we know that all Google servers are tapped by intelligence agencies in the US and other Five eyes countries, which include UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.The US National Security Agency then keeps a copy of your search history tied back to your phone number forever in their data centers. 

Tracked Your Every Step where you go and What You do.

Google also worked with Pentagon to develop artificial intelligence technology for US military drones. The United States is currently engaged in military interventions in eight countries without approval from the United Nations, and often times causes massive civilian casualties from drone strikes. Many Google employees resigned in protest, claiming Google shouldn’t engage in the business of war.

Google his own surveillance has dramatic real life implications on human rights whether it’s in China or the US. For the sure It’s a political power that no politician can resist. If you signed up for Gmail, you didn’t just give up your phone number, but some precious information that are unique to your biology. When Ever since Gmail came to existence, Google has been actively scanning your emails for keywords to expose you to more ads in your inbox. But Even you don't know idea about Google also used your private emails to study your writing style and the way you type. Similar to how you walk is unique to your person, the way you hit keys on your keyboard and your writing style also belong to you only. 

Use the mail for massaging.

track by gmail search

This fact that always allows Google to identify you across your whole Internet presence, even if you create pseudonymous accounts on public forums like Reddit. In 2017, Google promised to stop active scanning of Gmail messages, but it was revealed that Google continues to let third-party app developers that use Gmail to scan users private emails. 

It would often be the case that employees of Google and its partners ended up manually reading your emails for further unspecified purposes, but mostly for security, app development, and advertising. These third parties are even allowed to further share your emails to their partners, and thus multiplying the amount of copies. If you ever deleted your email or even your entire Gmail account, Google visually fulfils your request, but residual copies are kept in their offline backup systems indefinitely. Google doesn’t go after the third-party developers to delete their copies of your emails.

Your private emails on gmail account and other account thus remain copied and stored in data centers across the globe with unknown security and no oversight. Google is always uses your browsing history not only to target you with ads, but to identify you as well. Google only needs snippets of all of your browsing record to be able to determine identities of users on the web. Google always tracks your browsing history whatever you search through AdSense, DoubleClick and various other advertising and tracking scripts that belong to the company.

You Can't cheat them the search working is very fast.

Even all Google+ share plugins on websites are used to track all users even if they logged off or never used Google+, similarly to how Facebook tracks browsing history through like and share plugins. Where system and server cookies don’t work, Google uses your unique ID number like IP that is assigned to every android device by default. This ID is continuously followed and target and cross-referenced with the rest of your record to constantly keep it up to date across all platforms and devices. If these policies aren’t aggressive enough, Google purchases  all the remaining browsing records from data brokers, internet service providers, internet exchange points or content delivery networks. 

Google Always really wants to know where you go. So much that it keeps tracking your location even if you tell it not to. At Starting Point First time Google was caught tracking users location on their Android phones and tablets was through triangulation of nearby cell towers servicing users’ devices. This useful information was collected even when users turned off location services, never inserted a SIM card in their phone, or even after factory reset.

Chart showing the best competitive results.

search market share

There was no way for users to opt out. Google said this collection was put in place to improve message Quality delivery, which wasn’t really clear how that could work. Nonetheless, Google promised all of there to turn this feature off and stop collecting location data for users who turn off location services. That was a lie. 

Even with location history turned off, Google can use any app and other activity activity to keep a minute-by-minute record of your location but you wouldn’t have any visual way to find out about it. To confuse users Google hid the option to turn off this collection under “Web and App Activity” settings, Where this is best kind of collection would not be expected by an average user. This year is a big milestone for Google Team. the specific report say that 40% of global ad spending is expected to take place online, outspending TV advertising by $40 billion.

Google achieved most in dominance in digital advertising thanks to their focus, commitment and sheer will. They will to know about every single step you make. Google is able to  attract any persons or advertisers thanks to their ability to profile records of your entire activity on the web. Now but this time, the corporate behemoth is able to track what you buy even in physical stores. Google partnered with MasterCard and presumably other credit card companies to gain access to roughly 70% of credit and debit card transactions in the US.
These useful data exchange hands aggregated and in encrypted form. But that’s just a public relation talking point. Now Google can verifiably deanonymize this data with its massive pool of personal information it holds on their users. By constantly tracking users location, Google can correlate when users saw an online ad and walked into a store to buy it, almost entirely irrespective of how much time has passed between the two events.

Digital profiles in Google’s databases contain very detailed information about the users likes, and there preferences, interests and private thoughts. The search giant is able to retrospectively compare these profiles with the aggregated databases of offline purchases to identify individual purchasing histories.

google search

Tracked your purchase even if you are offline.

Google tracks even offline purchases in order to prove advertisers when online ads make impressions that translate into physical transactions. Digital advertising is still a relatively new platform compared to television.

By tracking users even offline purchases, Google can also persuade the advertising industry that they can pinpoint marketing campaigns with surgical accuracy. I only mentioned tracking that we know of.
There might be numbers of numerous trade secrets, undisclosed agreements, and technologies developed by Google to win the race to get inside people’s minds.

Google’s presence is literally everywhere and every world and it wants to play god without permission. But it’s possible to protect yourself. By avoiding Google and its services and replacing them with alternatives whenever possible, you can significantly reduce Google’s power in your life. Switch to ProtonMail, start using Firefox, search with DuckDuckGo and install uBlock origin to block much of Google’s tracking machinery.